About us

RoseDowns is a proud part of the Desmet global organisation, RoseDowns history dates back to 1777. RoseDowns have continuously invested in design and development, as well as scientific research, in order to be at the forefront of pressing technology and engineering.

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What We Do

  1. RoseDowns specialise in the design and manufacture of screw presses for oilseed and animal by-product applications

  2. Manufacture of Screw Presses for oilseed processes Pre-Pressing, Full Pressing, Cold Pressing

  3. Manufacture of specialist Presses for the process of animal by-products

  4. Manufacturer of Spare Parts for RoseDowns presses and other press manufacturers worldwide.

  5. Manufacturer of Oil Screening Tanks for separation of solids from pressed oil

  6. Supply Control Systems


John Todd established a foundry on our present site. Manufacturing Cannons for the British Royal Navy and parts for windmills.

Mr. Duncan Campbell became the first of a long family line of management. By the time Todd retired Duncan Campbell was the proprietor. It was Campbell who was responsible for developing the seed crushing side of the business.

The business was now owned by
Mrs Christina Rose Campbell. Daughter of Duncan Campbell. The company had installed its first hydraulic press for expelling oil.

Daughter of Mrs. Christina Rose married Mr. John Thompson. A seed crusher from Hull.

Mrs. Christina Rose appointed a new manager Mr. James Downs.

The company became Rose Downs & Thompson. Mr. John Campbell Thompson propelled the company’s export business. Rose Downs patented the Anglo American press, It could produce 2 tons per hour.

Rose Downs designed and
produced the worlds first solvent extraction plant.

The first Rose Downs designed continuous screw press. This meant great savings for the customer.

Over 100 countries on Rose Downs list of customers covering oil extraction from more than 17 different oilseeds.

Rose Downs received the queens award to industry for export
and achievement.

The company was know as
Simon-Rosedowns until March 1989.

Rose Downs celebrated it’s 200th anniversary.

Rose Downs was bought by the
De Smet Group. A well established leader in the world market. A growing commitment was introduced to the rendering industry.

Introduction of the Sterling Series press. Designed and developed
to suit individual customers
pressing requirements.

De Smet joined forces with
Ballestra organisation to become Desmet Ballestra Group.

Rosedowns released the 1000 Series press. The world’s highest capacity pre-press.

SERPTEC of Verden, Germany now join the manufacturing division of the Group, bringing over 30 years of expertise in spare parts for the rendering industry.
The experience of Rosedowns, together with the state-of-the-art expertise of SERPTEC, perfectly complement each other and provide an unrivalled partnership to offer innovative and efficient solutions to the modern rendering industry.

Rosedowns is a proud part of the Desmet global organisation.

Desmet, global solutions provider for the Food, Feed and Biofuel industries.

Desmet Rosedowns remains a world leader of the screw press industry. Combining our history with
new technologies.



We believe that RoseDowns have much more to offer to customers than merely manufacturing of presses and press components.